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The way caboki works in our videos, it seem that its a magic, but its working is totally based on science. We will guide you with the help of three major problems that you use to face with other hair concealing products available in market. We will show you how these problems caboki can convert into your benefits.

Problem One: Fragile Coverage

If you have ever used any hair counseling products than you must be aware of these problems: these products are unable to hold up in wind, rain even when you just place your head on sofa or pillow just because of the one reason and that reason is sticking ability of product, with your hair, is very weak.

How Caboki Solves the Problem at Its Root

Most of the ordinary products are made up with sheep’s hair. The logic behind using sheep’s hair is very obvious that sheep’s hairs are very similar to human hair, but the problem is wool and human hair have positive electric charge and as you know that same charge repel and opposite charge attract each other. By taking the help of science and work intelligently we use such herb that carries negative charge that ultimately results in attraction as apposite charges attract each other.

Have you ever pulled a wool sweater off of your head in the middle of winter and found your hair standing straight up and unruly like Einstein? Then you know the laws of attraction and repulsion: like charges repel and opposite charges attract. Both wool and human hair carry positive electrical charges, therefore they repel each other, and that’s the root cause of problem.

Why It's Superior

Problem Two: A Dull, Lifeless Look

There are two methods for eliminating bald spots or empty area of your head.

  • Enhance the existing hair volume making bald area invisible.
  • Coloring the visible area of head skin that makes bald area invisible.


Obviously fist method is more feasible as it gives more natural look, second method is also workable but as second method only hide empty skin of your head without increasing hair volume so it gives unnatural and dull look. As ordinary products made up with wool so the fibers are unable to bind with hair results in fall down on head skin which apparently cover baldness which is more likely what we discuss in second option above. As caboki only stick with your hair so it gives you more natural look by increasing the volume.

Problem Three: Discomfort

Ordinary products that are available in market use animal based ingredients, chemicals and artificial filler that cause irritation or discomfort when connects with head skin.But the caboki is made up with man-made fiber prepared in labs and with natural mineral colors that helps to prevent from issues like itching and rashes.